Sunday, March 7, 2010

Inside and outside the box

I came home Friday to find a package waiting for me. Inside was this exquisitely wrapped package:


Carefully removing the wrapping, I found this handmade box:


And within the box were these lovely wooden rattles, made from oak, gifts for the twins when they arrive:


All of these are from the hand of my uncle Tom, the artist who's also responsible for the frame of our ketubah (our wedding contract):

First Sign of Things to Come

and, for those of you who visited our old apartment, the graphite drawings of leaves that hung over the kitchen table there (what, you think we've had time to hang art in the new place?). Heirlooms R Us, that's my uncle. We live surrounded by art, much of it from his hand (or those of his children - we also have a painting from his twin sons, also born in the Year of the Tiger, and a print from his daughter).

I was deeply moved by all of it, but the thing that I keep going back to is the blue box with the babies on it. Tom had no way of knowing that they've moved so they're lying exactly as he depicted them, yin and yang, end to end. I hope they are also smiling secretly to themselves, as he has pictured them.


Melinda Hsu Taylor said...

All of that is beyond fantastic. Wow. Lovely!

atlanticmo said...

Uncle Tom Rocks!