Saturday, January 23, 2010

New view revue

No, really, I haven't forgotten about this blog. But let's just say, there's no tired like pregnant tired.

The new place is on the seventh floor. It looks out across the street, over the verdant campus of a fancy private school opposite us, and up to a precipitous hill dotted with the homes of the wealthy (or those who bought property before about 1975). The lights of these houses make it a picturesque view even at night. Further back, the valley where we used to live is visible to the right, and another set of hills to the left. The photo below is too wide-angle to give the real sense of it - I zoomed out farther than I should have in an effort to get it all in - but from the kitchen table where we work, the view out the sliding glass doors gives onto a great gulf of air hanging between us and the hillside opposite. The tradewinds have died out completely today (aargh) which brings the plume of the active volcano streaming directly over our city, and our air is hazy with vog (volcanic smog). It's also hot and sticky. But this morning when I took the picture, the slightly thickened air was shimmering in the first light, illuminating the vast space between the high-rise buildings and the green and rising hills. The photo doesn't capture it at all, sadly.



melinda said...

how great! congrats and welcome to your new digs.

mindy said...

Is that a CAROUSEL across the street?!?!?

SEB said...

Punahou School is setting up its annual Carnival. So yes, it's a temporary carousel (Feb. 5-6).