Friday, January 1, 2010

Home improvement

Happy New Year! I am spending the New Year painting ceilings in the new apartment. This brings my reduced energy levels and awkward, unbalanced body into sharp relief, but the work is getting done. The routine: paint until we can't take it any more, then take a break. Rex is holding up better than I, predictably: today he took what is probably a memorable shot of me sacked out on the floor of the bedroom, having come back from the hardware store totally exhausted. I let him paint the primer on the whole living-room ceiling (and he did a great job) while I rested. I'm praying we can find someone professional to lay the kitchen linoleum: I realize that our ambition to do it ourselves looks increasingly unlikely. If we had to, we could, but my personal margin of energy is so much narrower than it used to be (to say nothing of coping skills, which in me have always varied directly with the amount of rest I get) that the time-vs-money equation is a lot more real than it once was.

The good news is that the ceilings look pretty good, for a rookie job.

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Melinda said...

Having tried it both ways and after years of observation, I highly recommend paying other people to do home improvement work for you... there is a certain satisfaction from doing it oneself, but as you said, your energy is very finite, and your time and energy are worth a lot of money right now, because hey, you're GROWING TWO PEOPLE inside you. Go easy on yourself! :)