Monday, December 21, 2009

Real estate

Last Friday we signed all nine million forms required to close out our purchase of the new apartment. It will be official as of Thursday - nice Christmas present for a couple of Jews. There is a lot to do after that - asbestos abatement work begins next Monday, followed by cleaning, then moving (oh, and at some point we have to figure out a temporary replacement for the kitchen tiles that were removed - stick-on linoleum squares for now, probably, ultimately to be replaced with ceramic tile... and also a new ceiling surface treatment, ecch). We don't have much furniture, but what we have includes a few pieces that are probably too big for the new space, but which we're going to try to make work anyway.

The fact that it's all been slightly anxiety-making for me was brought home by the dream I had last night, in which we moved to Hong Kong and into university housing. Our new apartment, brand new in an all-white space-age mode, contained lots of amenities including a washer-dryer, fancy kitchen and bathroom, private lockable door leading straight into the library (!), vending machines, personal transport cubicle (like a little box that could be programmed to travel along the subway routes), and wall-to-wall carpet. Very odd.

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