Monday, November 30, 2009

Surrounded by family

This weekend we finally broke the news to family and friends that we are expecting twins in May. After weeks and weeks of keeping our mouths heroically shut about it, we spilled our good news. It was an amazing experience, to be surrounded by such a rush of congratulations and warmth. From our colleagues to the members of our synagogue, everyone was overjoyed. Our families are farther away, but they sent their love from a distance too. It reminded me that we have the families we are born into, or marry into, and also those that we choose. We are surrounded by family near and far. For the babies to be born into such love and support is a wonderful thing. I think we are very fortunate.


mindy said...

I got to hold a baby yesterday -- a random stranger who was trying to wash her hands while holding her baby and I offered to hold the baby for her. He was six weeks old, wearing stripy footie pajamas, and snuggled right on in. I can't wait to meet your kids!

melinda said...

your babies are lucky to have you guys as parents! whee. :) love m.