Friday, September 25, 2009

My students rock very hard indeed

I asked a group of students to do a presentation about the techniques used to manufacture this late Neolithic vessel from eastern coastal China. Such vessels (here's another example) are clearly luted together from a number of separately shaped parts, but how many and in what order isn't always clear. In order to figure out how this worked, exactly, they MADE THEIR OWN. I present to you (by permission) the neo-Neolithic whiteware gui, mammiform legs and all. Isn't it awesome?


(Modern reproduction of a Longshan whiteware gui vessel, in high-kaolin clay, unfired state.)


atlanticmo said...

Who gets to keep it?

SEB said...

The student, of course - though I posted it on Facebook and one of my friends, an archaeologist, asked me to ask the student whether she'd sell it.

SEB said...

Not that I'd turn it down if it was offered to me :)