Monday, September 14, 2009


I am fabulously myopic and have worn glasses full-time since I was 7. Today, for the first time ever, when looking at some very small print at short range, I found that I had to take my glasses off to focus on it clearly.


Tommy said...

Yeah, I remember when I started doing that. I don't know what it means, maybe just noticing you can see up close better that way. I don't think you're as nearsighted as I. I was renowned in the second grade for not seeing the big E on the eye chart.(20/1100) Apparently the more nearsighted one is the more literally magnified ones close up vision is. We can see things just past our nose that a 20/20 person would need a magnifying glass for. An optometrist once told me that there was a statistically significant early reading age for the myopic over others. Tipping us away from baseball towards nerd-dom at the same time.

Mame said...

Middle age starts a lot earlier than you think!

Tommy said...

Oh, another thing: One tends to grow more far-sighted with age. That is to say, less myopic. Crissie recently needed new glasses because her old glasses were too strong.