Tuesday, August 25, 2009

T-shirt review, second day of school edition

Seen from the looooong checkout line at the bookstore, where I foolishly went today.

The usual:
  • Beer T-shirts (Hinano, Primo, Hinano again)
  • Band T-shirts (lots of names I didn't recognize)
  • Surfing T-shirts (ad nauseam)
  • Trendy logos (Ezekiel, Hollywood, Juicy Couture, even Abercrombie and Fitch)

The unusual:
  • "Giraffes United Against Ceilings"
  • "Haiku are easy/But sometimes they don't make sense/Refrigerator"
  • "Mac Daddy" (as text in the screen of a Mac Classic)

1 comment:

mindy said...

My co-worker Lauren offers up her favorite t-shirt, bought in Tokyo, which says "Hungry birds are angry birds!"