Monday, August 24, 2009

First day of school outfits (an incomplete list)

A few outfits I've seen strolling by on students in the last half hour, and what they seem to be saying:

On a tiny Asian woman: Turquoise tunic top, wide leather belt, several long chain necklaces, enormous hoop earrings, skintight black bike shorts, five-inch black platform heels with studded straps. "I'm going to dominate my coursework this semester."

On a skinny blond-haired man: Blue and white seersucker pajama bottoms, band T-shirt, slippers, emo hair. "I'm planning on sleeping through my classes, just so you know."

On a very large Pacific Islander man: Football jersey, lavalava [sarong], flipflops, ponytail, tattoos. "Don't call it a skirt, man."

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Tommy said...

My brother Dan tells me that kilt wearing in Scotland is heavily weighted with localistic 'tude. I get that sense about the lavalava guy.