Thursday, July 30, 2009

The universe loves me

I took the long road home from Maine. The day before yesterday, I took the bus to Boston, and after a late lunch with mindyfromohio, I took the commuter rail to Salem to spend the night with my Marblehead cousins. (Extra thanks to mindyfromohio for rescuing me from my near-total loss of memory of Boston geography. I'd have tried to take the train from South Station if it weren't for her.) Part of the reason for this was that I had a flight leaving Boston at 6.05 the next morning. I was on Northwest, hence stopped off in MSP to change planes. In Minneapolis, I volunteered to get bumped to a later flight into HNL, because my husband wasn't coming back till the next day anyway, so I figured it didn't matter when I got home. Bonus: $300 travel voucher and a first class seat from LAX to HNL. I arrived three hours later than I'd originally planned, deplaned, and turned on my phone, which rang almost immediately. It was Rex, having just cleared customs, calling from the baggage claim adjacent to mine. Turns out when you fly from Papua New Guinea to Australia to Guam on the 30th of July, the final leg lands you in Honolulu on the afternoon of the 29th. We did not, as our friend Eric suggested, "run to each other in slow motion, with our hair streaming out behind us in the wind," neither of us having enough hair for the purpose. But we did share the capacious back seat of a stretch limo taxi (same price as the normal kind!) all the way home.

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