Saturday, June 6, 2009

A open letter to the men of Beijing

Congratulations! You have correctly observed that my breasts are
several times larger than the local standard issue. Now please get a


Judy said...

Sorry to hear about the sexual harrassment ...

I read your article about the Manoa Chinese Cemetery and would like to talk to you further about this. I can't find your contact information so I'm going to give you mine. I am a historian, specializing in Chinese Transnational Migration and Modern Jewish History. Thanks!

SEB said...

Dear Judy - Sorry not to respond before this, but I've been unable to view the blog while I was in China. I'd be happy to talk with you about my photo essay but I can't contact you because you have not made your Blogger profile visible to the public. Your link here connects to nothing. I'm not willing to post my e-mail address on this site because I want to keep Google from identifying this site with my real name, but you should be able to work out my identity from the state where I teach and my subject (art history of China). As I am a state employee, my e-mail is public information.