Saturday, May 16, 2009

Favorite book

Millicent and Carla Fran, who have an awesome epistolary blog, write that Gaudy Night by Dorothy Sayers is their favorite book. It is certainly my favorite thinking woman's romance, and I readily admit to reading Sayers more for Harriet Vane than for anything like mystery or its structure. Oddly, I can't read Gaudy Night right now, because so much of it is about the life of the mind in academia, which isn't going so well for me right now. I think it will be an important sign of something when I can get back to it.


Uncle Tom said...

I read, well, listened to on tape, Gaudy Nights along with a lot of other Sayers at your recommendation. I was struck by how the Harriet Vane books were an order of magnitude beyond the simply Peter Whimsey books, which were good enough.

Carla Fran said...

Thanks for the compliment about our site! To me, Gaudy Night can be a brutal read--as much as Sayers romps and delights, she is also devastatingly precise. Sayers takes that struggle of expectation, youth and destiny head on and lets Harriet Vane tangle with all of it, and gives her very little contrivance even though it is all wrapped up in a formulaic genre. And then I found out she wrote those Guinness ads with the Toucans!