Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Twenty years

It's twenty years since my graduation from high school, though I can't go to my reunion because it's next weekend. Next weekend is also the wedding of the awesome RBL and da partner, who, bonus, live in Inlawville, so we can also get some family time in. Inlawville is in northern California, which is also much closer to us than southern New Hampshire.

This also means another twenty-year anniversary, however: I graduated from high school on June 4, 1989, the day of the Tian'anmen Square Incident. Now that my funds for research travel have finally come through, I realize that I'll be in Beijing on June 4. In general you can expect plenty of travel blogging while I'm in China, but it strikes me that June 4 will be an interesting day to observe the daily life of a city that is almost unrecognizable as the place I first got to know 21 years ago, on my first China trip. I wonder what I should look for, when that day comes around.


mindy said...

I wasn't until June 12 that year. My high school, bless it forever, isn't having a reunion. :)

Though my high school boyfriend found Dougie's facebook this week, so *that* was fun.

professor said...

Don't be totally surprised if blogspot gets blocked in China during June.

SEB said...

No, I wouldn't be surprised at all.