Monday, April 13, 2009

Gargoyle needs

When I was in college in Boston, a shop opened in the Back Bay selling gargoyles and gargoyle-related paraphernalia. It had a sign on the door reading "For all your gargoyle needs." I reflected, at the time, that it had never occurred to me that I even had gargoyle needs. To think, all this time, that they had been going unfulfilled.

I had a similar experience the other day when my graduate student stopped by and (in the course of a much more topic-appropriate conversation) mentioned that she had gone diving with her father. "It was a great dive," she said. "I saw my favorite nudibranch." Which flashed me right back to the gargoyle experience. Why on earth don't I have a favorite nudibranch?

Especially because for all-around awesome weirdness, nudibranchs leave gargoyles in the dust. Exhibit A:

(This is a Spanish Shawl (Flabellina iodinea). Taken in Scripps Canyon, La Jolla, California by Magnus Kjærgaard, and published at the Wikimedia Commons under a Creative Commons license.)

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mindy said...

I do not currently have a favorite nudibranch, but I freely admit to giggling like a 12-year-old at the word.

I have a favorite gargoyle, though -- it's the baby one who sucks his thumb that I have on my bookshelf.