Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Empty nest syndrome

We got back from Inlawville on Monday to find the nest outside the window was empty, except for the lone unhatched egg. No babies, no adult bulbuls, nor even any trace to show where they had gone. It seems likely that a travelling cat might have got them, since cats do come through the backyard space now and then; and the parents seemed a bit oblivious (not seeming to notice when the first baby was half out of the nest, so that they actually sat or trod on it when roosting). I can't imagine that the remaining chick could have fledged so fast; more likely that this clutch has failed for this particular breeding pair. Fortunately the bulbul is nowhere close to endangered; so life goes on, cats and all.

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Melinda Hsu Taylor said...

This made me very sad. Although, your blog has made it certain that the birds' brief lives were noted, marveled at, and commemorated. Poor things.