Monday, February 23, 2009

Things that have happened to me recently, bullet point edition

  • Last Monday, I drove to the airport to pick up Rex from a flight, then called him on his cell phone, which he answered from a taxi heading home. Spousal coordination FTL.
  • While he was in California at his conference, Rex stayed with his brother, who turned him on to the HBO/BBC series "Rome," so we rented it. It's utterly gratuitous and totally over-the-top, but these qualities are peculiarly combined with some historical accuracy. The upshot is totally enthralling, even when you can't believe that they actually showed that on TV. Last night we watched an episode in which the decadence of the late-period Ptolemies in Egypt was visually realized as some kind of drag festival with weird face makeup and lots of architectural wigs. And eunuchs.
  • I applied for a fellowship to spend twelve weeks in 2010 as a visiting research fellow at a university in Australia where Rex also has contacts. If we go, we are going to be real Pacific Rim scholars.
  • I also applied for travel money to spend this coming summer (seven weeks, anyhow) in China. I need to get some on-site research done. If I'm lucky, my friend T and I will meet there (she's from Japan) and do some research together at various cave-temple sites. There are a bunch of newly remodeled regional museums I am looking forward to seeing (Taiyuan especially) and I also thought I would go to Tianjin for the hell of it, since it's sort of ridiculous that I've never been there. Of course I'm secretly also looking forward to the food, and dreading the summer weather.
  • I might meet my parents in Rhode Island for a week of catching up with the relatives in July, if everything works out. Makes me really sad I gave up eating shellfish. Sadly, himself can't come as he'll be in Papua New Guinea.
  • As fans of Joss Whedon's oeuvre, we've been watching "Dollhouse" with mixed feelings. I am looking forward to it moving past the "young woman in danger" schtick and getting into more of the complicated ethical and psychological questions raised by the show's basic premise.

P.S. Has anybody watched "True Blood" yet? I love the books but never remember to watch the show.

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