Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Guava Juice Song

It was about 1990, if memory serves, and my aunt and uncle had rented a place on Cape Cod for part of the summer. I went out there to hang with my cousins for a while, and we were on our own for a while, scrounging around for cheap eats and going to the beach every chance we got. What I remembered about that trip, for a long time thereafter, was that somebody had gotten a really great deal on some two-gallon jugs of guava juice, then a new and exotic introduction, and that we were all drinking it until we were sick of it, because, you know, there it still was. And in my memory, my cousin M had made up a song about his love of guava juice, long after none of us could bear the thought of the stuff any more. M, now an actor, was always writing songs and sketches and whatnot, so this wouldn't have been out of character; but looking back for many years, I could only imagine that I had invented the guava juice song. I asked his sister, who was there, one time, and she couldn't remember the guava juice song. So I was sure it was a figment of my imagination. Until my cousin posted this:

The Guava Juice Song lives. (For an encore, I recommend The Potato Song, by the same artists.)


atlanticmo said...

Uncle and Auntie brought back a LOT of concentrated Guava juice from St. Lucia around 1985.
God forbid we throw it out or water the lawn with it.
I don't know when the song was written but that's when the juice was there.

SEB said...

So that's the secret! I didn't remember who bought it, just that there was a LOT of it around and we all felt like we HAD to drink it. Heh heh.

Anonymous said...

If you have not seen it yet, you must look up Mike's "Hilary Man" on YouTube.
uncle t