Monday, January 12, 2009


I enjoy crocheting, and I like fine, finicky work; so of course I like filet crochet. Recently I completed a design for a tallit (a Jewish prayer shawl) to be executed in filet crochet, and bought six thousand yards of bamboo-fiber thread to do it in. (At two dollars a skein, it's at least a cheap hobby.) If I can do one row a day, it will still take me about fifteen months to finish. Am I completely crazy to think that this will ever be done? Here is the design, which I like enough that it just might keep me going through the project. If I can just get in the habit of working through faculty meetings, it might even be done in the foreseeable future.


The text is from the synagogue hymn "Adon Olam" - it reads "Adonai li, v'lo ira" which means "The Lord is with me; I will not be afraid."


Ronald van Loon said...

Maybe not afraid - a little humility probably won't hurt.



Jacob T. Levy said...

If you really start crocheting during faculty meetings, I want to hear about it so that I can visualize it, with amusement and admiration...

SEB said...

Done and done! I worked all through the last faculty meeting. Bonus: was sitting behind the fiber-arts professor, who kept turning around to see.