Thursday, December 11, 2008

I love weather, but this is ridiculous

I woke up on time this morning, not because I heard my alarm clock, but because the volume of the rain falling, which drowned out the sound of my alarm clock, fortunately also made it impossible to sleep. We are in the midst of a violent rainstorm with flash flooding, mudslides, closed highways, closed schools, etc. It is also the last day of classes for the semester, so we had to be here. I drove to work instead of biking, going the long way around the edge of the valley to avoid the intersection that always floods. The rain has been falling at a rate of up to 3.8 inches per hour (!) all over the island, and the narrow volcanic valleys mean it is all running off in a huge rush. Some people's houses have been flooded (not ours, but our back yard had 4 inches of standing water in it when I left).

The city has actually opened evacuation shelters for people displaced by flash flooding. I didn't realize that they recommend you bring things with you to the shelter: drinking water, personal hygiene supplies, but also tinned food that does not require cooking. They particularly recommend Spam, which is sort of classic for this place. Welcome to the shelter! Bring your own Spam!

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mindy said...

Weird weather here, too: Monday it was barely 20 degrees and windy and awful. Yesterday, we were in the 60s. Today back to the 30s and raining w/ice in the burbs.

Stay dry!