Wednesday, December 3, 2008


We were scheduled to fly out of the small municipal airport of Inlawville on Monday morning, on a twin-prop plane that would take us to San Francisco for our Long Flight Home. Unfortunately, Inlawville sits on a river delta that is prone to thick fog in the fall and winter, and on Monday it was utterly socked in. Like, can't see the other end of the terminal socked in. Like terrifying drive on the highway to the airport socked in. Ours was the third SFO flight scheduled to leave Inlawville that morning, at 11.00, and when we got there at 9.00 both previous flights had been cancelled. It wasn't looking good for us.

The flight was listed as delayed till 11.48, which already would have meant missing our connection in SFO, and the auto-check-in kiosk helpfully informed us that our only alternative was the same flight tomorrow. Naturally we didn't believe this for a moment (although knowing that it was the Monday after Thanksgiving, we did realize alternatives were probably going to be limited) so we asked for assistance. It turned out to be possible to get on a later flight, leaving SFO at 2.45, which went instead to Nearby Large Town, whence we could get a short-hop flight home.

We thought all was settled, as we waited in the boarding area, until we heard our names on the intercom. We were asked to return to the ticket counter, outside the secure area. It turned out that the airline had given up on the twin-prop taking off in time, and had decided to pay for us to travel to SFO by van. As this takes about an hour and a half, it was no problem at all; we made our later flight, which was delightfully uncrowded, and despite having some trouble getting dinner while waiting for our short-hop flight home, due to the one restaurant in the airport being full of the passengers of a delayed Alaskan Airlines plane, we ultimately got our nachos and our trip home. We arrived five hours later than we'd planned; but you can't have everything.

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