Monday, November 24, 2008

Watch me talk about art

An academic of my acquaintance recently reported being invited onto the PBS show "History Detectives" as an expert consultant. This made me green with jealousy, as it is one of my geekier fantasies to be on a PBS or History Channel show as an academic expert. It's happened to people I know; why not me? I have only been on local programs, which is awesome, but I still hold out hopes for the big time.

Following is my entire professional videography so far.

TV spot in which I am interviewed about the exhibition of Qing jewelry I curated in 2007:

Excelling the Work of Heaven (not embeddable, sorry)(but let me point out that this was filmed LIVE at six o'clock in the morning. Manolo does this every day but I think I should get extra points for speaking in complete sentences.)

Video of pieces from the exhibition of ethnic textiles in southwest China, now ongoing (I am not the curator but only one member of the research team):

I should note that the remark about "moving into the twentieth century with the rest of us" was made in the context of talking about how the ethnic minorities of southwest China are NOT "living fossils" as some of the literature would suggest, but in fact live in the modern world just like everyone else. It sounds kind of odd in the context of the video, but that's my fault, I guess.

Credit for editing this piece should go to the editorial team for the university's alumni magazine. They made me sound awesome (you should have heard all the umms and ahhs they cut out). In my continued effort to reduce the Googleability of this blog (or more precisely, to discourage Google from associating this blog with my actual name), here is the link to the page describing the exhibition.

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