Sunday, November 2, 2008

Actually, how many of you are out there?

My sense of this blog is that six people read it. Until recently I would have said five: my mother, my mother-in-law, my uncle, my cousin, and my maid of honor. But I recently learned that my high school roommate also reads it (hiya C!) so hey! Six people! As far as I know nobody links to it except for myself. But I do wonder if anybody ever wanders by randomly, and if so, whether they stay for any time at all. I once got some nice comments from a person named Mokihana, and I wonder if she ever comes by these days.

I don't really have any stake in being widely read; but I'm curious to see who passes through my little patch of virtual real estate. Does anybody know about good blog tracking software and how to put it on a Blogger blog?


Graham said...


melinda said...

I'm here! Love, Melinda

Ronald van Loon said...

Tsk, and what am I, chopped liver?