Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Cuter than your average mongoose

On my way to work, I bike through the parking lot of a local Catholic girls' school. The ride is mostly downhill from home to work, so I tend to do most of my observing on the way home, when it's uphill all the way and I'm moving slower. Still, this morning as I zipped along, I noticed something moving under the carriage of a pickup truck up ahead. As I drew nearer, three baby mongoose, the size of chipmunks, nose to tail, trotted across my path. The last one turned to watch me as I went by, too young to be afraid.

There is ordinarily nothing particularly cute about a mongoose, a ginger-colored weasel-like animal with red eyes. But these, it must be conceded, were adorable. Too bad I didn't have the camera.

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