Saturday, September 20, 2008

New bird

Today near the beach I saw a Black-Necked Stilt feeding in shallow waters. I'd never seen one before, although they don't appear to be uncommon. I am a desultory birder but enjoy seeing new species, and would add this to my life list if I kept one. It's such a surprise to see a new bird here since the ecological niches are so narrow that, although we have some unusual species, the total number of species is small. More, the birds you see on an everyday basis are limited to six or eight species. The birds I've seen often enough to be regulars are:

Zebra dove (Incredibly fearless, to the point that you are sometimes amazed that the species manages to survive)
Mynah bird (Snappy dresser, lots of attitude)
Lace-necked dove (Imported from China, where I've seen them in reality and in paintings)
Nutmeg mannikin (Tiny, travels in flocks)
Waxbill (Ditto)
Java finch (Wears a morning coat to everything)
Red-vented bulbul (Loud. "Persian nightingale" a very misleading alternate name)
Red-eared bulbul (Louder, cheeky)
Red-crested Cardinal (Rex: "Like a bird with the head of a totally different bird")
House sparrow (They're everywhere)
Rock dove (pigeon)
Jungle fowl/feral chicken (Frequently cross roads, cause still unknown)
Cattle egret (Tall, ghostly wading bird)

Slightly more unusual sightings:
Black-crowned night heron
Black-necked stilt
Ring-necked pheasant


Mokihana said...

Oh how I miss the mynahs and the cardinals!!

Anonymous said...

I will be forever thankful for the term "feral chicken."
tfm (I can't remember my id)