Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Jackfruit season

A house in our neighborhood has a jackfruit tree with one big fruit growing on a stem that projects directly from the tree trunk at shoulder height. The little old Japanese man who lives in the house cuts down most of the fruits before they are ripe, because the tree hangs over the sidewalk and a jackfruit to the noggin could be lethal. But he apparently left the one on the trunk. Today I was walking by while he was working in his garden picking starfruit (carambola). The starfruit are ripe now and people are giving them away all over the place. As he pottered past his jackfruit tree, he reached out and patted the fruit in a friendly way, as if to say hello, I'm just passing through, but how are you today?


Anonymous said...

My favorite flavor of vitamin water has jackfruit in it and I admit to having to look it up on wikipedia to see what it was.

SEB said...

Well, I'm not much better; I thought it was a durian until I realized it's not durian season, and plus, I couldn't smell it.