Tuesday, July 1, 2008

The Little Schoolboy

The most famous cookie made by the famous LU company of cookie manufacturers is the Petit Ecolier or Little Schoolboy, which is a regular LU Petit Beurre (butter biscuit) with a slab of chocolate on top, molded with the image of a 19th-century schoolboy. We have been making our euro stretch further here by buying generic versions of various things at the Franprix, mostly produced as part of the excellent Leader Price line. They offer things you would never think of as being generic (tapenade, smoked salmon, marinated herring, foie gras) and we benefit from it. They clearly have a sense of humor, though, because the Leader Price version of the cookie just described has the chocolate embossed with the image of a baseball-capped kid on a skateboard, and the name of the cookie is the Petit Sacripant ("The Little Truant.")

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Anonymous said...

Sarcastic French cookies for the win!