Friday, June 13, 2008

Unexpected finds

I had heard that a few medieval houses still survived in the Marais, but the emphasis must be placed on the word few. Several trips to the neighborhood later, I hadn't found any until the other day when my friend Liz took us on a long walk to her favorite couscous restaurant. Here are two that were probably built in the 15th century, after the decree forbidding house-fronts from projecting out over the streets (the projecting fronts made it easier for fires to jump across narrow streets).


Meanwhile, I went to my usual vegetable market at the bottom of rue Mouffetard, but for once approached it from the east instead of coming down the narrow street from the north. Turning my back on the church of St-Medard, I saw this wonderful housefront that I'd passed many times already without ever seeing, because I never looked up beyond the canopied shop windows:


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