Monday, April 28, 2008

Where we're staying

We'll be staying in the 5ème arrondissement (fifth arrondissement) of Paris, also known as the Latin Quarter. I always thought this must have been where the Spanish and Portuguese ("Latin") neighborhoods were. It turns out the explanation is considerably more old-school. This section on the Left Bank contains the oldest universities in the world, like the University of Paris, "La Sorbonne," which got going in the twelfth century. Now THAT'S old-school. For centuries this neighborhood was populated by students living la vie Bohème. And speaking Latin; hence, Latin Quarter. Paris, of course, was the center of Catholic theology for many hundreds of years before Rome wrested the title away in the last couple of centuries. And the university, being a basically Catholic invention, has its origins here and in a few other European cities (Bologna, Padua, and Oxford). So in a way this is roots tourism for us.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Long French Dinner

This is the story of a pair of married academics and their summer lecturing in Paris, Marseilles and various other places. It begins on May 18, 2008, but until then there will be some preliminary experimentation so I can figure out how to post.

Dramatis personae:
SEB, the author, an art historian.
Rex, aka Himself, the author's husband, an anthropologist.
With occasional cameos by their colleagues at Spam State University.

"Long French Dinner" is Rex's term for a really good dinner in the European manner at a seriously fancy restaurant, like Everest or Kiki's Bistro (we used to live in Chicago). Our Long French Dinner will last at least a month, possibly longer if we stay put after our Paris gig is up on June 20.

Here's where we're starting from:

(view from the bedroom window at home)